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Phil Shoenfelt

# Titel Länge Musik / Text / Publisher Vorschau
1. Charlotte's Room 3:33 Phil Shoenfelt / Phil Shoenfelt / Trident Music Week Publ.
2. The Long Goodbye 6:00 Phil Shoenfelt / Phil Shoenfelt / Trident Music Week Publ.
3. Hateful Heart 6:35 Phil Shoenfelt / Phil Shoenfelt / Trident Music Week Publ.
4. Devil's Hole (acoustic) 4:06 Phil Shoenfelt / Phil Shoenfelt / Trident Music Week Publ.
5. Devil's Hole 4:16 Phil Shoenfelt / Phil Shoenfelt / Trident Music Week Publ.
6. The Ghosts Of My Dead Lovers 4:25 Phil Shoenfelt / Phil Shoenfelt / Trident Music Week Publ.

Über den Künstler

Phil Shoenfelt (auch: Phil Shöenfelt), * 18. Dezember 1952 in Bradford, Großbritannien) ist ein britischer Sänger, Songwriter, Musiker, Texter und Romanautor.. Er lebte zunächst in New York, wo er 1981 die Post-Punk-Band Khmer Rouge zusammen mit Barry „Scratchy“ Myers (Tour-DJ von The Clash) und Marcia Schofield (The Fall) gründete. 1989 kam seine erste Solo-Single „Charlotte’s Room“ in Großbritannien heraus, die von Mark E. Smith und Tony Cohen produziert wurde. Sein erstes Solo-Album „Backwoods Crucifixion“ wurde 1990 von Paperhouse Records veröffentlicht, drei Jahre später folgte „God Is The Other Face Of The Devil“. Er lebt seit 1995 in Prag wo die Band Phil Shöenfelt & Southern Cross entstand. Im November 1997 ging er mit Nikki Sudden & Band auf Deutschland-Tournee, wo er das Vorprogramm bestritt. Höhepunkte auf dieser Tournee waren jeweils die Coverversion von Cans „Mother Sky“. 1998 nahmen Phil Shoenfelt und Nikki Sudden zusammen das Album "Golden Vanity" auf, das im April 2009 von Easy Action Records veröffentlicht wird.
Sein Roman Junkie Love gewann den ersten Preis bei dem New Yorker Literaturwettbewerb „Firecracker Alternative Books Awards 2002“. Die autobiographische Erzählung erschien bisher auf italienisch, tschechisch und englisch.
2004 veröffentlichte das deutsche Label Phantasmagoria Records die Best-of Doppel-CD „Deep Horizon – Selected Songs of Phil Shoenfelt“. Zwei Jahre darauf coverten Cinderella Effect Phil Shoenfelts Song "Darkest Hour", enthalten auf deren Debutalbum "Pearls". Im März 2007 erschien Fatal Shores drittes Album „Real World“ bei Amboss Recordings. Ebenfalls im Frühjahr 2007 erschien beim spanischen Label Sunthunder das Nikki Sudden Tributalbum „Suddenly Yours“, für das Phil Shoenfelt und seine Band den Sudden-Klassiker „Death Is Hanging Over Me“ eingespielt haben. Am 1. November 2010 erschien Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross' viertes Studioalbum "Paranoia.com".
Im Frühjahr 2011 gründete Shoenfelt zusammen mit Chris Hughes und Dave Allen (Hugo Race & The True Spirit) eine neue Band, "Dim Locator", benannt nach einem Song der Birthday Party. Im Juli 2011 erschien bei Fuego ihre erste Download-EP mit drei Rowland S. Howard-Songs
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Phil Shoenfelt is an English singer, songwriter, guitarist, author and poet, who lived in New York from 1979-1984, and who now lives in Prague, Czech Republic.
In 1981, while living in New York, he founded the post-punk band Khmer Rouge. Prior to this he had played bass guitar in no wave band The Nothing, and lead guitar in Disturbed Furniture. Khmer Rouge also included: Barry "Scratchy" Myers on bass (Myers worked as DJ for The Clash on their first three US tours, and appears in the film Rude Boy); Marcia Schofield (who went on to play keyboards for The Fall); and drummer Paul Garisto, who later played with the Psychedelic Furs and Iggy Pop.
From 1983-1984, Khmer Rouge was managed by photographer and Andy Warhol collaborator Nat Finkelstein (author of The Factory Years), who produced and directed a ground-breaking video for the song “New Assassins“. In this phase of their existence Khmer Rouge were playing mainly New York and East Coast clubs – Washington DC, Boston, Philadelphia. They also supported The Clash, Billy Idol, Nico, Alan Vega and Tom Verlaine on US tour dates.
In 1984, due to worsening drug problems, Phil returned to London, where he kept Khmer Rouge together for another two years. During this time the band supported The Fall on two UK tours, as well as playing the Greenfield stage at Glastonbury Festival, and the legendary Libyan Embassy Squat Party in London. They also recorded several songs with the English producer John Leckie, and continued gigging around the London club circuit until the eventual demise of the band in 1986. A double Khmer Rouge CD, New York-London 1981-86, was eventually released by the UK label Voiceprint in 2004
For the next two years Phil concentrated on writing songs and making demos. Finally, in 1988, he managed to beat his heroin addiction and re-entered the world of live performance with a series of London concerts. In 1989 his first solo recording, a 12 inch single with “Charlotte's Room” b/w “The Long Goodbye”, was released by Mark E. Smith‘s label Cog Sinister. The title track was mixed by Mark E. Smith, and "The Long Goodbye" produced and mixed by Tony Cohen (The Birthday Party, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds).
One year later Paperhouse/Fire Records put out Phil’s first solo album Backwoods Crucifixion. In 1993 his second album, God Is The Other Face Of The Devil, was released by Humbug Records/Trident Music. During this period Phil supported both Crime & The City Solution and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds on UK tour dates, and made an appearance on Belgian TV, playing lead guitar in Kirsty McColl’s band.

In the summer of 1994, Phil was invited to do a tour of the Czech Republic, backed by the musicians from Prague band Tichá Dohoda. One year later he moved to Prague on a permanent basis, where he put together his current band PHIL SHOENFELT & SOUTHERN CROSS. With Southern Cross he has recorded four albums to date (Blue Highway, Dead Flowers For Alice, Ecstatic, and Paranoia.com) and an EP called Electric Garden.
In 1997 Shoenfelt founded a new band called FATAL SHORE, together with Berlin-based Australians Bruno Adams and Chris Hughes (both ex-members of Once Upon A Timee). The band was formed after Shoenfelt and Adams did a tour of war-torn Bosnia-Herzegovina for George Soros’s People In Need Foundation. Based in Berlin, Fatal Shore made 3 CDs between 1997 and 2008: The Fatal Shore, Free Fall and Real World. Noted for their intense live shows, the band became a firm favourite on the Berlin club scene, and did several European tours. They also recorded with producer Dan May in Cincinnati. Due to Adams’s protracted fight against cancer, live performances began to wind down, and in June 2008 the band played its final concert at Ebensee Kino in Austria. When Adams died the following year, Shoenfelt and Hughes decided to discontinue the band.
Phil Shoenfelt has also collaborated with Nikki Sudden, playing lead guitar in Sudden's band on European tours in 1997 and 1998. After the tour, Sudden and Shoenfelt went into a Berlin studio and recorded Golden Vanity, an album of co-written songs that was finally released by the UK label Easy Action in 2009.
Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross released their fourth studio album Paranoia.com (Easy Action) in November 2010. With nine original songs, and a James Williamson-approved version of Iggy Pop & The Stooges' "Open Up And Bleed", the album features a remarkable cover painting by Claus Castenskiold, an ex- drummer of Khmer Rouge, who has also done artwork for The Fall, The Gun Club and Kid Congo Powers.
In 2011 Phil started a new band, DIM LOCATOR, with drummer Chris Hughes and bass player David Allen. Based in Berlin, Dim Locator is an outgrowth of the work Hughes and Shoenfelt did with Fatal Shore, and features music co-written by all three members of the band. The sound of the Dim Locator is based more on drones and guitar loops than conventional song structures, taking inspiration from the “kraut-rock” bands of the 1970s. To date the band has released an on-line EP Immortalised (three song tribute to Rowland S. Howard), a 7 inch single of two of Howard’s songs, “I Ate The Knife” b/w “Undone” and most recently Wormhole, a mini album containing four original songs.
Phil’s most off-beat and bizarre project is The Bruce Wellie Band, a Prague-based collaboration with Ron Sinovitz, Gez Donnelly and David Uher. The band plays only cover versions of influential bands from the Australian underground (The Scientists, Lubricated Goat, Grong Grong etc). In 2012 the band recorded a CD called Ozploited, which so far remains unreleased.
As well as these musical activities, Phil is a published author and poet, who has had five books published to date: Junkie Love (a fictionalised autobiography); The Green Hotel/Zelený Hotel (poetry and song lyrics); Magdalena – Book One and Magdalena – Book Two, a collaboration with the Czech poet and visual artist Kateřína Piňosová; and Stripped – Book One, the first volume of a trilogy about the downtown New York scene of the late 70s and early 80s. Kamikaze Skull, a collection of poems, photographs and artwork written in collaboration with the UK artist and writer Sophia Disgrace, will be published in late 2014 by the Moloko + imprint.
Junkie Love was first published in Czech translation in 1997 (as Feťácká Láska) by Maťa Books of Prague, and has become something of a cult book. It was published for the first time in English in 2001 by Twisted Spoon Press, and went on to win the Firecracker Alternative Book Award (NYC, 2002) for best book in the Drugs Books section. Since then it has it has been translated and published in Italian by Fazi Editions of Rome. An extract from Junkie Love was featured in Erotika – Drogen und Sexualita, an anthology edited by the German philosopher Wolfgang Sterneck. In 2006 Junkie Love was licensed to Ebury Press/Random House for UK and Commonwealth distribution, and this edition was published in July 2007.
At present, Phil is working on Stripped – Book Two for publication by Mat’a Books in 2015 (Stripped – Book One was released in Czech translation as Až na dřen in 2012). A fictionalised autobiography, the novel is set against a backdrop of rock clubs such as Max’s Kansas City, the Mudd Club and CBGBs. Outside are the violent, drug-infested streets of Alphabet City, where the narrator lives with his striptease dancer wife. Inside are the tangled lives and aspirations of the book’s doomed protagonists – the junkies, prostitutes, visionaries and exotics who wander in and out of the narrative.
Phil’s writing has also appeared in publications such as Gargoyle, Prague Literary Review, Optimism, Hele, Blatt, Apple Of The Eye, Morgana, Vlna and Vlak.

• 1988 Charlotte's Room / The Long Goodbye (EP)
• 1990 Backwoods Crucifixion (LP/CD)
• 1993 God Is The Other Face Of The Devil (CD)
• 1995 Live In Prague! With Ticha Dohoda (MC/CD)
• 1997 Blue Highway (CD)
• 1997 The Fatal Shore (with Fatal Shore) (CD)
• 1999 Dead Flowers For Alice (CD)
• 2002 Electric Garden (CD EP)
• 2002 Ecstatic (CD)
• 2003 Free Fall (with Fatal Shore) (CD)
• 2004 Deep Horizon - Selected Songs Of Phil Shoenfelt (2-CD)
• 2004 New York - London 1981-86 (with Khmer Rouge) (2-CD)
• 2007 Real World (with Fatal Shore) (CD)
• 2008 Live At The House Of Sin (Phil Shoenfelt & Pavel Cingl) (2008)
• 2009 Golden Vanity (Nikki Sudden & Phil Shoenfelt) (CD)
• 2010 Open Up & Bleed (download single)
• 2010 Paranoia.com (CD)
• 2010 Bird On A Wire (with Fatal Shore) (download 3-song EP)
• 2011 Immortalised (with Dim Locator) (download EP)
• 2011 Setting the Sails for El Dorado (with Fatal Shore) (CD). Out-takes and demos from 1997, dedicated to the memory of Bruno Adams)
• 2012 Performing Songs By Rowland S. Howard (with Dim Locator) (7" Single)
• 2013 Wormhole (with Dim Locator) (CD mini album and 10" Vinyl)

1997 Feťácká Láska (Czech translation of Junkie Love)
1998 The Green Hotel/Zelený Hotel (bi-lingual collection of poetry, song lyrics and photos)
2001 Junkie Love (original English language version, Twisted Spoon Press, Prague)
2005 Junkie Love (Italian translation, Fazi Editions, Rome)
2010 Magdalena – Book One (Moloko +, Germany)
2012 Až na dřen (Czech translation of Stripped – Book One)
2013 Magdalena – Book Two (Moloko +, Germany)

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