Free Fall

Fatal Shore

# Titel Länge Musik / Text / Publisher Vorschau
1. Free Fall 5:48:00 Phil Shoenfelt / Phil Shoenfelt / Warner-Chappell
2. 100° In The Shade 4:54:00 Bruno Adams / Bruno Adams / MDF Musikverlag GmbH
3. Angel Street 5:18:00 Phil Shoenfelt / Phil Shoenfelt / Warner-Chappell
4. Sunshine 3:01:00 Bruno Adams / Bruno Adams / MDF Musikverlag GmbH
5. Don't Know Why 5:11:00 Phil Shoenfelt / Phil Shoenfelt / Warner-Chappell
6. Mindless 3:01:00 Bruno Adams / Bruno Adams / MDF Musikverlag GmbH
7. The Fields Of Summer 6:21:00 Phil Shoenfelt / Phil Shoenfelt / Warner-Chappell
8. Devil's Gate 3:44:00 Phil Shoenfelt / Phil Shoenfelt / Warner-Chappell
9. Closing Time 2:50:00 Bruno Adams / Bruno Adams / MDF Musikverlag GmbH

Liner Notes

Producer: May + Chambers & Fatal Shore

Über den Künstler

The Fatal Shore (later Fatal Shore) was a Berlin-based band that was active between the years 1996 and 2008. The group was formed in April 1996 by two unique but complimentary singer-songwriters: Englishman Phil Shoenfelt and Bruno Adams of Melbourne, Australia. One month after meeting, they embarked on a tour of war-ravaged Bosnia-Herzegovina as part of a package tour sponsored by the People In Need Foundation. On the road from Sarajevo to the Muslim enclave of Gorazda, they came under fire from Serbian snipers. In Delnice they were stoned by mujahadeen, who objected to the younger generation of Muslims being exposed to “decadent” western rock music. Soon after this dangerous beginning, Chris Hughes (another exile from Melbourne) joined the band on drums. The line-up was completed with the arrival of bass player YoYo Röhm in 2001.

The first CD, »The Fatal Shore« (Rachot/Behemot 1997; Moloko + 1999), was recorded in Lucanec, Slovakia, during the Moravian floods. On the way to the studio by train, the band were besieged in their compartment by drunken Ukranian migrant workers who heard the band practising their songs and decided to have some fun. Similar hair-raising stories multiplied over the years. The band seemed to attract bizarre scenes wherever they went. This element of the wild and unexpected was reflected in the band’s onstage performance, which was high-energy, charismatic and full of emotion. The Fatal Shore repertoire consisted of both cover versions and original songs, performed in the band’s corrosive style of dark, psychedelic Blues.

In April 2001, at the invitation of American record producer Dan May, the band flew from Berlin to Covington, Kentucky, to record the second Fatal Shore CD, »Free Fall« (Moloko + 2003). More strange events followed after they arrived at The Church, a recording studio built in a converted nineteenth century Baptist church. The spooky atmosphere of The Church was made even more threatening by Mr. May’s collection of guns, military uniforms and sinister friends. The recording was punctuated with arguments and death threats, and was finally completed just two hours before the group’s flight left for Berlin. The result is a collection of classic songs, impregnated with the eerie vibrations of The Church.

The Fatal Shore’s third album, »Real World«, was released on the Hamburg label, Amboss Recordings, in March 2007. It was the first Fatal Shore album to be recorded in the relative calm of Berlin. With local wunderkind Baxter Wilderbeast’s production and string arrangements, Adams and Shoenfelt’s classic songs were taken to a new level. From the extra-terrestrial singing saw on »The Looking Glass Song” to the rousing strings and circular Xylophone motif on “Faithless«, Wilderbeasts’s production is brilliantly realised.

After a heroic five year struggle against cancer, during which he continued to play live concerts and record, Bruno Adams died at home in Berlin on the 18th of April 2009. His funeral was attended by over 150 family and friends, a testament to his popularity on the Berlin music scene.

The fourth and final Fatal Sore CD »Setting The Sails For El Dorado« was released by the German label Moloko + in 2011. A collection of demos, out-takes and alternative versions recorded prior to the sessions for the first CD in 1997, the album is dedicated to the memory of Bruno Adams.

The members of Fatal Shore have played and collaborated with many noted musicians and bands, including Nina Hagen, The Fall, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Rowland S. Howard, Kid Congo, Nikki Sudden, Hugo Race, Ben Becker, Jaki Liebezeit, Mick Harvey, and Kristof Hahn.

The music of Fatal Shore shows a high degree of originality, but it also has a wide range of influences: from the Delta Blues of Robert Johnson and Charlie Patton, to songwriters such as Jacques Brel, Leonard Cohen, Lee Hazlewood and Townes Van Zandt; from later Bluesmen such as John Lee Hooker and Howling Wolf, to the experimental soundscapes of Einstürzende Neubauten and Can.

Bruno Adams (Aus): Vocals and electric guitar
Phil Shoenfelt (UK): Vocals and electro-acoustic guitar
Chris Hughes (Aus): Drums, percussion and electronics
YoYo Röhm (Germany): Bass guitar (2001-2007)

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